Foundation shrubs and plants are a vital part of your overall landscape design. As the plants closest to your home, they become almost a part of it — so choosing the correct ones can make or break your curb appeal. 

  1. Think All Seasons: In New England, we spend many months of the year in cold weather, so choosing something evergreen — for at least part of your foundation planting — is a good idea. That said, deciduous shrubs will add new texture come springtime, so it’s wise to mix some in. 
  2. Think Height: There’s nothing quite like natural sunlight pouring into your home. Therefore, you should be careful not to plant anything that will cover your windows. Also, make sure to put taller shrubs behind the shorter ones, so each plant gets appropriate sun and showtime. 
  3. Think Longevity: While it’s tempting to crowd smaller foundation plants together to create a fuller look, remember that they will grow and need space to expand. Make sure to read the tags on your plants carefully, and space the shrubs accordingly. 
  4. Think Color: While shades of green are gorgeous, including some flowering shrubs into your foundation landscape can really make it pop. Annuals aren’t the only option for seasonal color!
  5. Think Sunshine: Different shrubs and plants require varying amounts of sunlight. Be aware of location matching your choices with delivering the appropriate amount of sun required for each.

Ok, so what should you plant? Here are recommendations for some of our favorite foundation shrubs: 


These are hardy shrubs with evergreen leaves that grow well just about anywhere. With enough sunshine you’ll get stunning blooms for a few weeks in the spring.


Another excellent evergreen choice, holly’s glossy leaves are a beautiful contrast to other duller evergreens, and the bright red berries (if you plant both a male and female) add a pop of color in the winter.


A popular evergreen choice for low hedges, the small green leaves of the boxwood look neat and keep things green in the winter.

Flirt Nandina

This groundcover is a lovely green in the spring and summer, but turns red in the winter!

Endless Summer Hydrangea

For summer-long color, these hydrangeas are your best bet. The blooms will add some much-needed contrast to your foundation planting.

At Tomasi, we are stocked with a wide variety of all the best foundation shrubs & plants for your landscape! Stop in today to our Garden Center and talk to our knowledgeable staff. Or, schedule a visit with one of our landscape architects to explore the potentials for your property.

The right plantings in the right locations can increase your property value and help create your landscape dreams! Take a look at some of the design/build projects we have accomplished here