While you can just put a few mums and pumpkins on your porch and call it lovely, there’s so much more you can do to create a fabulous fall display! 

One of the best things you can do is learn the three ingredients for a stunning planter/pot. You can apply these principles to every season, just by swapping out weather-appropriate plants. 

But since we’re enjoying autumn, let’s start there! 



1.Thriller: Your “thriller” is going to be your most fabulous plant that has height to it. It should stand out and above all the other plants in the pot. Purple fountain grass, snapdragons, or Elijah Blue Fescue are all excellent autumn options. 


  1. Filler: This would be your classic mum. Something with a lower profile, but still lovely. You’ll want to put it at the base of your thriller, and it will fill the majority of your pot. If you don’t want mums, you could substitute ornamental cabbage or disacia in fall colors.

3. Spiller: As the name suggests, this plant should spill out of the pot. Something with vines or trailing flowers that draw your eye downward. Golden creeping Jenny, sweet potato vines and alternantheras are all good options.

It’s time to get your porch or patio all fall-ready! Come in to the Tomasi Garden Center and pick out some perfect plants — and pots — for your thriller-filler-spiller combinations.